Genome Compiler Update!

We just released an update for Genome Compiler – we think you’re going to like it!

You can find the release notes here

So what’s new?

1) UNDO / REDO for all edit operations!
When performing delicate genetic engineering, where each DNA base matter, undo/redo can be very handy!


2) Mini-map for great orientation in projects!

In every abstraction layer, a mini-map now shows you where you are. Never get lost in a genome again!


3) First time tutorial. The first time you will log into the program and any time you go to HELP->SHOW HINT


You will get beautifully illustrated instructions on how to use the major features of the software:

- In the main window:


- in the DNA level:


- In the parts level:


4) Support for additional file formats. Easily import fasta, text and genbank files!


As always, your feedback is important to us! please send your feedback here:

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