We are not trying to reinvent the wheel. We realize that others have already created innovative advancements to forward the field. Genome Compiler and its partners from the industry and academia, collaborate to bring you the most comprehensive design platform.

"DNA2.0 is delighted to partner with Genome Compiler as the premium gene synthesis provider. It further validates our market leadership position and our commitment to speed, quality, efficiency and outstanding customer services.”

Jeremy Minshull, PhD., Cofounder and CEO of DNA2.0

"Amyris is committed to expanding the reach and access of our world leading biofab for advanced DNA construction. We are excited to partner with Genome Compiler to launch an integrated platform for DNA design, construction and lab services. Similar to our recently launched µPharm™ drug discovery and production platform, this new partnership offers some of Amyris's proprietary automated DNA engineering services to pharmaceutical and other biotech companies for scientific discovery and creates opportunities for a new revenue stream for our best-in-class technology platform

Joel Cherry, President of Research & Development at Amyris

"We are excited to be at the forefront of synthetic biology. Partnering with Genome Compiler to create a single integrated platform providing exceptional annotations, pathways, and an enormous curated parts database across all genomes will enable scientists to expedite new product creation.”

Howard Salis,PHD CEO of De Novo DNA
De Novo DNA

"Our continuing mission is to decode the rules of life, develop predictive and accurate biophysical models, and to accelerate biotech R&D across the world. We are excited to become a partner in Genome Compiler’s suite of advanced tools to advance industry development.”

Vinayak Kapatral, President & CEO of Igenbio, Inc.

"At Sigma-Aldrich, we aim to work with others to improve the researcher experience. We are happy to offer the SnapFast(TM) vector collection engineered by Oxford Genetics, embedded in Genome Compiler's intuitive design tools, with easy ordering on Sigma's premiere e-commerce platform.”

Tonya Jackson, Global Product Manager at Sigma Aldrich
Sigma Aldrich

"Addgene is looking forward to the partnership with Genome Compiler. The ability to access Addgene plasmid data via the Genome Compiler platform will provide scientists with a much simplified integration of our repository with the intuitive Genome Compiler design platform”

Joanne Kamens, Executive Director of Addgene


"Integrating Synberc parts and plasmid repository into Genome Compiler platform advances the shift towards the engineering paradigm by providing foundational tools for biologists to make biology easier to engineer.

Leonard Katz, PhD, Director of Research and Industry Relations


"We are excited to collaborate with Genome Compiler by integrating our cloning vectors on their platform. It will enable our customers to purchase and use our vectors in a simple streamlined process"

Angela Ryan, VP of Marketing at Lucigen