These short tutorial videos will quickly make you a Genome Compiler expert

Software Overview

  • Get started inside Genome Compiler software
  • Learn how to use features like folder sharing, importing data from your computer or NCBI, and cloning wizards

Manage Your Own Data

  • Manage and organize your data in Genome Compiler
  • Create folders and libraries
  • Access data stored in your private cloud

Customizing Your Workspace

  • Hide menus to maximise the workspace area
  • Drag and drop project tabs
  • Expand and split project views
  • Toggle between single and dual project views

Manual Primer Design

  • Create primers inside Genome Compiler
  • Add overhang sequences
  • Use the Tm Calculator for primer design

Automatic Primer Attachment

  • Easily attach primers from your primer libraries that anneal to your project sequence
  • Efficiently manage your primers
  • Find primers in a specific Tm range

RBS Calculator

  • Predict protein expression in Prokaryotes using the RBS calculator
  • Optimize your RBS

Gibson Assembly

  • Simulate a circular or linear Gibson assembly
  • Assemble multiple fragments and a backbone
  • Automatically generate the Gibson oligos
Sequence Alignment

Sequence Alignment

  • Align plain sequence or trace files (.ab1 or .scf) to a template sequence
  • Auto-trim the sequence
  • Fix the template or the alignment sequence
  • Export the aligned sequences

PCR Simulation

  • Generate a PCR product using a pair of primers
  • Detect non-specific amplification products
  • View PCR products on a gel and create a new project from the product

Viewing Translations and ORFs

  • View the translation of your DNA sequence
  • Detect open reading frames
  • BLAST the translations to find putative genes
  • Re-name and colour the annotations

Manual Sequence Annotation

  • Select and annotate your sequence
  • Create main and sub layer annotations
  • View all the annotations in a tabular format per project
  • Assign names, feature keys, customise the colours, and more!

Auto Annotation

  • Import your own annotations
  • Or use our default auto annotation libraries
  • Toggle the auto annotation BLASTN algorithm stringency
  • Use BLASTN to search for annotations matching your template